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    for her press tour wardrobe,” WeArisma said.

    The most talked about brands within the trend were Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and Fila, with Nike leading the conversation with 1,300 posts mentioning the brand in relation to tennis fashion.

    WeArisma also said that the trend has been driven by a “new wave of influencers” who have been sharing their own takes on the trend, such as

    Hailey Bieber


    Kendall Jenner

    , and

    Bella Hadid


    The company’s data also showed that the trend is being embraced by both luxury and high street brands, with the likes of




    , and


    all featuring tennis-inspired pieces in their collections.

    So what are the key pieces to embrace the trend? WeArisma said that the most popular items include tennis skirts, polo shirts, and tennis dresses, as well as accessories such as visors and tennis-inspired sneakers.

    So whether you’re a tennis fan or not, it’s clear that the tennis-core trend is here to stay for summer 2024. So why not embrace it and add some sporty chic to your wardrobe this season?